Australian Bros Shoot Basketball From The Top Of A 660-Foot Cliff, Score

January 24, 2018 /


Congrats to these big dreamers on their new Guinness World Record.

Just Two Minutes Of A Toy Gyroscope Doing Its Thing In Slow-Motion

January 24, 2018 /

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Gyroscopes are the perfect toy.

You Can Clean Old Records With Wood Glue And Holy Crap, It Is So Satisfying

January 24, 2018 /

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We're about to get into record collecting just so we can try out this cleaning method.

Everything You Could Want To Know About Ketogenic Diets

January 24, 2018 /

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Do ketogenic diets, which force your body to use fat instead of carbs for energy, actually work?

Watch A Guy Build A Surprisingly Sturdy Hut Using Handmade Tools

January 24, 2018 /

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Hey, man. Nice hut. Can we join you in there?

Skydiving In A Car Looks Like So Much Fun

January 24, 2018 /

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It also looks very dangerous, given that a car falling through 120 mph winds is liable to do just about anything.

This Extra-Short Film May Very Well Help You Get Over Your Arachnophobia

January 24, 2018 /

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Lucas the Spider might be in danger, but he has a way to wiggle himself out of it.

There's No Snow In This Incredible Skiing Video, And That's What Makes It Perfect

January 24, 2018 /

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Candide Thovex is a skiing god.

This kickass ski bike will help you master the slopes

January 24, 2018 /


The Sno-Go Bike is what you need for your next skiing trip.

KFC wings now come in a DIY drone box because 2018

January 24, 2018 /

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The time has come for boring boxes that hold scrumptious chicken wings to transform into drones.

This amazing exoskeleton is helping people with paralysis walk again

January 24, 2018 /

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ReWalk is a bionic exoskeleton that enables paraplegics to walk upright and climb stairs.

Team USA is skiing in virtual reality to prepare for the Winter Olympics

January 24, 2018 /

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The 2018 Winter Olympics are almost here.

DJI’s newest 4K folding drone

January 24, 2018 /


The Mavic Air combines the best features of the Spark and the Mavic Pro

Spielberg on 'Ready Player One' and the future

January 24, 2018 /

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The director behind the upcoming film adaptation of Ready Player One is making some bleak predictions about what lies in store for us in the decades to come.

Spanish-Style Churros

January 24, 2018 /


they are light, crispy, and barely sweet.