CLaunchpad Master Rolls Out A Dual Launchpad Remix Of Teminite's 'Standing Tall'

June 17, 2018 /


You know you're doing things right when the artist you're covering approves of your remix.

Here’s how Elon Musk might use rocket thrusters on the new Tesla Roadster

June 17, 2018 /


It may not be exactly street legal

Jaguar breaks the world's electric boat speed record

June 17, 2018 /


The previous record lasted for a decade.

Watch a Tesla Model X zoom inside a Boring Company tunnel

June 17, 2018 /

engadget (2)

The Boring Company has tested its private vehicle transit platform.

This Guy Built A Jawa Sandcrawler Toy Box For His Son Using Just One Sheet Of Plywood

June 17, 2018 /


Handy dads, do you think you can do this?

How a Father-Son Duo Turns Trash Into Transformers

June 17, 2018 /


In 2010, Chinese farmer Yu Zhilin and his son Yu Lingyun opened up their own metalworking shop in the country's Hunan Province.

Chasing a Family Dream: Father and Son Take on Longboarding

June 17, 2018 /

greatbigstory (2)

After a difficult divorce, Mike Paproski and his son Greg decided to change gears and pursue a new dream together

Message in the Clouds: Flying High With the First Family of Skytypers

June 17, 2018 /

greatbigstory (3)

Ever considered writing a message in the clouds?

Pick Some Food From Around The World And We'll Guess Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

June 17, 2018 /


Let's eat!

Potato Flower Breakfast Cups

June 17, 2018 /


Try this!


June 17, 2018 /


Road-going car receives new livery

Beyoncé and Jay Z just dropped a surprise album

June 17, 2018 /


Sad about missing Beyoncé and Jay Z's "On the Run II" tour?

The Cat Art Show

June 17, 2018 /

mashable (2)

Hundreds of self-proclaimed cat people gathered in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday night for the opening of Cat Art Show

'Pick of the Litter' trailer is the best puppy video you'll see all day

June 17, 2018 /

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If your day is off to a bumpy start, the new trailer for IFC's Pick of the Litter is here to help.

Hank Azaria Offers The Inspirations Behind His 'Simpsons' Character Voices

June 17, 2018 /

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Hank takes a walk down memory lane, breaking down all of the famous roles from his career.